The LEGIS Optimum Time Award Promotes Safety from Beginners to Professionals at Shepherd Ranch

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The Shepherd Ranch Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club (SYVPC) Horse Trials II (Aug 21-23) featured the LEGIS Optimum Time Awards, which promote LEGISequine’s commitment to safety by awarding event riders for riding their cross country course at the optimum pace. Here are some of the great memories the winners took home along with their ribbons.


Jess Hargrave on Regenmann

Open Training

Jess and Regenmann had a fantastic weekend, earning first in their division as well as first for LEGIS Optimum Time. The award was especially meaningful as Jess came in at a time of 4:47 and was the only rider in Open Training to make time. “I think this award is a fantastic way to encourage pace appropriate cross country riding,” Jess commented. Her ride was not only pace appropriate, but also clean and Jess credited Regenmann for his excellent performance. “Regenmann never missed a beat and was on pace the whole ride,” she recalled. “He was definitely having fun and the whole course was absolutely foot-perfect.”


Devin Eastman on Gaelic Blessing

Junior Rider Novice

The time was perfect for Devin and Gaelic Blessing (Alexandra Eastman, owner) as the pair crossed the finish line exactly at the optimum time of 4:44 and also came out on top in the Junior Novice division. “Winning this award meant a lot to me because not only did I make optimum time, but it also helped me learn the proper pacing and stride length for the course,” Devin shared. Learning stride length has been quite a change for Devin as she switched from a Connemara pony to Gaelic, a large 19-year-old Irish Sport Horse, in 2014. “The transition has definitely been challenging since my pony had nice small strides and obviously Gaelic does not,” Devin admitted with a laugh. “But I was overjoyed with my cross country round and I’m happy that Gaelic and I are learning to work together much better now.”

Devin particularly had wonderful things to say about the LEGIS Optimum Time Award. “I love the LEGIS Optimum Time Award! I think it is fantastic that everyone has a chance to receive a ribbon no matter how their test went the previous day,” Devin elaborated. “It inspires riders to better keep an eye on their watches, and every competitor who focuses that much more on their time and pace which makes their cross country round, and hopefully the whole show, that much safer.”


Karina Beltran on Legend of the Phoenix

Open Introductory B

Karina and Legend of the Phoenix (Natasha Ramirez, owner) enjoyed a successful weekend together, finishing first for time and sixth overall in their division. “Phoenix is only seven and he’s a former cutting pony, so this is all still new to him.” Karina explained. “He’s still quite green and has only been to a few events.” Phoenix proved that he’s quickly learning his job as the pair finished just one second under the optimum time. “I was very happy with Phoenix. He tries really hard, and I love him for that,” Karina said. “After the third jump, our ride really smoothed out. I wasn’t even wearing a watch on my ride, so I was very surprised and excited to win the award!”


The year-end series awards for the LEGIS Optimum Time Award were presented at Copper Meadows (Sept 4-6) in Ramona, CA. The awards included coolers and ribbons and we hope to see you there!

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Devin Eastman on Gaelic Blessing
  Karina Beltran on Legend of the Phoenix



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