480 W. Riverside Drive, Suite 1
Burbank, CA 91506

DateShow TitleShow Location
09/01/2016Gold Coast Labor DayLAEC
09/08/2016Colorado Fall PreviewColorado
09/15/2016Colorado Fall Classic-Featuring Maclay Regional Finals and WCHR Final Show Colorado
10/14/2016Verdugo Hills OctoberHansen Dam
10/20/2016Gold Coast OctoberLAEC
10/28/2016Verdugo Hills League PreviewHansen Dam
11/17/2016LA Season FinaleLAEC
01/01/20152016 Horse Show CalendarLAEC
01/16/2015Verdugo Hills January OpenerHansen Dam
02/13/2015Gold Coast Series February Horse ShowLAEC
03/13/2015Verdugo Hills March FlingHansen Dam
04/03/2015Gold Coast Series April Horse ShowLAEC
04/10/2015Verdugo Hills AprilHansen Dam
04/22/2015Woodside Spring PreviewWoodside
04/29/2015Woodside Spring ClassicWoodside
05/15/2015Verdugo Hills MayHansen Dam
05/21/2015Memorial Day Classic Horse ShowLAEC
06/12/2015Verdugo Hills JuneHansen Dam
06/17/2015Woodside Circuit OpenerWoodside
06/24/2015Bay Area FestivalWoodside
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Management, Production, Consulting & Insurance
480 W. Riverside Dr., Suite 1
Burbank, California 91506
Office: 818-563-3250
Fax: 818-840-8153


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